Hickman Farms Millhouse
Hickman Farms Millhouse

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Welcome to Hickman Farms Non GMO open pollinated corn

About Us

The Hickman Mill is located in the sleepy town of Lynnville, Tennessee. The town includes shops and a unique Vintage restaurant . These establishments are located across from the old RailRoad Depot.

Jeremy and Cindy built this new milling operation. Jeremy is a full time farmer. He plants only Open Pollinated Heritage Corn. He harvests and grinds the corn in his mill. In the beginning, Grist Mills provided a life line to small communities. Grist refers to grain and mill is the process used. Together GristMill means processing grain.

The use of the mill stone was the most practical way to grind grains. Grinding corn with stones has been around for thousands of years. In Tennessee's past, hundreds of Grist Mills were located along water sources. Only a few have survived.

Today, Jeremy has a Unique Grist Mill setting. He is meeting today's rigid standards involved with milling, and continues to perserve meaningful Grist Mill history. 

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Hickman Farms Millhouse

1651 Dodson Gap Rd, Lynnville, TN 38472, US

(931) 527-3884